Working method

On this page you can find information about my working method.

It is possible to work with me on a project basis or per day. This will be discussed in advance. Below you can find the working method for websites, branding and motion graphics.


Before developing the website, we first look at what your company stands for. We also research the current market and create a benchmark against competitors.
In the second phase we focus on the visual aspect of the website. Developing mood boards, color palettes, wireframes, ... and we think about new images and the style of photography. This way you get a clear picture of the concept.
As soon as there is a 'go', all adjustments are implemented, it is time to fully develop the concept. I always use the latest technologies efficiently. Choosing the right WordPress plugins, media files, etc.
SEO (Optional)
Through keyword research, I ensure that your website scores high in the organic search results of a search engine. This way, you are already one step ahead of the competition in that area!
When you are completely satisfied with the result, we will place the website online and take care of the necessary maintenance.


To develop optimal branding for you, we must get to know your company and environment as well as possible. The current market, target groups you want to address, and the competitors are thoroughly investigated.
Concept & development
After this research, the extensive brainstorming sessions start. We will determine how we can position your brand among consumers. The right programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc. are being rolled out.
Project launch
After approval, everything can be sent to the general public and the branding can do its work.

Motion graphics & animation

When developing a high-quality animation, I analyze all useful information such as the target group and style on which your company focuses. In this phase, we investigate the length, format and all possible channels where your video will look best. Just think of videos on social media, large displays in the street, and so on.
Script & storyboard
Based on the information you provide, we come up with a catchy and targeted story. If you already have a clear idea of the story you want to tell, I will deepen this by creating mood boards, character sketches and typographic animations.
After approval of the storyboards, I proceed to the effective development of the animation. This is done with one or a combination of the following techniques and programs: Adobe CC, Blender 3D, film techniques with a studio background, etc. To enhance the animation even more, background music or a voice-over can be provided.
Project launch
When you are completely satisfied with the result, your video can be published.